Embassy Package $685




3 bottles of any ciroc (750 ml’s)
1 bottle of Henney or Patron
1 bottle rose house champagne + 2 hookahs
10 tequila sunrise shots
10 cupcakes + balloons if requested
8 Free Admissions BEFORE 12AM
(after 12 am -4 comp entries)
10 VIP section Bracelets
Grants 2 Table Set up or Floor Table – (section holds 10 people but seats approximately 6-8 people).
*(+$25 per bttle to substitute henney
*(+$50 per bttle to upgrade a 750 size to a liter size, per bottle)


  1. Andrew

    I bought this thinking it was a nice green colour, apparently it GREY! I’m colour blind so I don’t care but my girlfriend says grey makes me look fat

  2. Maria

    I love grey hoodies! This is perfect with my grey Ninja shirt, when I get cold I throw this on and I can still be a Ninja.

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